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CBD-ENTOURAGE™ Broad Spectrum
Distillate Vape Oil

Pioneering healthy way of vaping CBD

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CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular. Many people now believe that CBD offers a host of health benefits, helping them to feel better and even potentially find relief from medical problems.

Increased Bioavailability via vaping allows users to experience the relief instantly.

CBD-ENTOURAGE™ oil is made in North Carolina, USA.

CBD-ENTOURAGE™ Company is pioneering a healthy way of vaping Broad Spectrum Distillate Oil - healthiest and most bioavailable among CBD products.

For flavored CBD vape oils we developed unique mixing method creating stable emulsions, thus we are able to avoid solvents that become carcinogenic when exposed to high temperatures in vape devices.

CBD-ENTOURAGE™ vape oils do not consist PG, PEG Esters - common solvents in many other popular brands, often hidden under cryptic names. These brands are claiming, that PG & PEG are safe by FDA standards, however this can be true at lower temperatures only, and not in vaporizers, as shown in studies.

According to analyses showed that PG and PEG 400 produced high levels of carcinogenic acetaldehyde and formaldehyde when heated to 230°C. Because PG and PEG 400 are often mixed with cannabis oil, individuals who vaporize such cannabis oil products may risk exposure to harmful formaldehyde levels.

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CBD-ENTOURAGE™ products are extracted only from high-grade hemp, and since our products are made and tested in cutting-edge labs, you can depend on them to be very safe to consume without any carcinogenic solvents.

CBD-ENTOURAGE™ sells a number of excellent products, including prefilled JUUL compatible Pods, prefilled 510-standard glass Cartomizers, and 30ml CBD Sublingual/Vape c-Juice glass bottles, all with favorite flavors: Natural, Raspberry and Mango. The foundation of the product is made from natural entirely organic Cannabidiol in the form of Full Spectrum Entourage with Terpenes.

CBD-ENTOURAGE™ Homogenizing stable CBD emulation

CBD-ENTOURAGE™ vape oils are completely free of any contaminates.

It's made only from American ingredients produced in an eco-friendly way and which are GMO-free.

This is a 100% vegetarian product, and it's also gluten free.

You can expect super-fast effects with our vape oils - you should feel relief in just a minute or two, and the effect can last for up to 6 hours - perfect if you have chronic pain.

All of CBD-ENTOURAGE™ vape oils are fully certified by independent labs.

Its unique Natural aroma comes from terpenes which have their own additional benefits to bring to your well-being. The two terpenes responsible for OG Kush's unique aroma are pinene and linalool - producing a flavor with hints of lavender and pine for an amazing taste experience.

CBD-ENTOURAGE™ vape oil is guaranteed to be free from any nicotine or THC as well as animal extracts.

Laminated aluminum foil film packages have great seal abilities, maintain fresh content with long-term Pods and Cartomizers preservation.

Our 30ml glass bottles containing c-Juice have tamper resistant and child proof droppers.

CBD-ENTOURAGE™ oils, have complete traceability thanks to the batch numbers featured on each product.

The CBD-ENTOURAGE™ brand may be a newcomer to the US market, but it has rapidly established itself as one of the leading brands.

CBD-ENTOURAGE™ company pays close attention to quality, and with all elements of their business being centered on compliance, safety and trust, you can depend on our products to be of highest quality.

All of CBD-ENTOURAGE™ products have been made with the highest grade industrial US hemp which is extracted in the USA using the safest and most advanced method of extraction.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil is a term which is used to describe a vape c-Juice which only contains CBD and no nicotine nor THC.

While CBD-ENTOURAGE™ vape c-Juice has been made for vaping, it is also suitable for use sublingually (under the tongue) for extra versatility.

CBD is a natural cannabinoid which occurs in cannabis and hemp plants. It has been shown to have the potential to relieve lots of different medical symptoms.

Although CBD vape oil is called an oil, it isn't really a true oil. Its name comes from "hemp oil", something which has been in use for years, long before being formulated for use in vaping devices.

A more accurate term would be CBD c-Liquid or c-Juice or CBD vape juice.

Why are People using CBD Vape Liquid?

There is a myriad of reasons why it is so popular but here are some that you may not have heard about.

A recent study found that it was effective in reducing the desire to smoke cigarettes.

Cannabidiol was found to be effective as a sebostatic and anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of acne.

It inhibits lipid synthesis.

Curtailing the development of diabetes.

Shows promising results in the treatment for fibromyalgia.

It has shown promise in halting prions which are proteins that cause neurodegenerative diseases like Creutzfeldt-Jakob and mad cow.

Cannabidiol is known to produce anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects when ingested or inhaled. It slows everything down and calms the user. It is therefore helpful in the treatment and management of PTSD and both chronic and acute anxiety.

There is some early documented evidence that it is an effective treatment for Crohn's disease.

There is evidence to suggest that Cannabidiol has the potential to reduce various aspects of Multiple Sclerosis, and it has proved effective in dealing with insomnia.

CBD has known antiemetic properties and has therefore proved to be effective in alleviating vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy and some other therapies.

There is therapeutic potential for the treatment of seizures as it has anticonvulsant properties.

You can read more about CBD benefits from:


How much CBD should I vape?

There is no single answer to how much CBD you should vape since it depends on a number of personal factors.

Your tolerance, weight, age, and symptoms all need to be taken into account. Different problems will require a different dose.

For example, if you're using it for seizures, a higher amount will be required than if you were using it to combat nausea. Also, if you only vape infrequently, you can use a higher strength.

As a rough guide:

50-200mg is a low strength
200-500mg is a medium strength
500-1000mg is a high strength
2000-4000mg is a very high strength.

Remember, however, that those strengths are reflecting the contents of the whole bottle. So you'll need to divide the strength by the size of the bottle to work out what the concentration is per one ml.

How to use it?

There are lots of ways to consume CBD, however vaping is really the easiest, fastest and most effective due to better bioavailability, while by-passing First Pass Metabolism occurring in the liver filtering.

You need to make sure that the product you choose is suitable for use in a vaping device. Other than CBD-ENTOURAGE™, many CBD tinctures present on the market, can only be applied under the tongue and aren't suitable to vaping.

You can use a CBD-ENTOURAGE™ vape oil in the same way as you would use a regular e-juice. Your vaporizer will heat the CBD oil, and you can inhale it to receive its benefits.

There are a few other ways to choose from. Sublingual drops, gummies, capsules, and sprays are also available from many vendors to get some benefits of CBD, however these methods are not as effective as vaping due to the limited bioavailability.

If I vape it, will I be breaking the Law?

No. It's been also reported that there has not been a single document study which demonstrates that Hemp Oil gives the user any adverse effects.

What are the Side Effects?

The good news is that overwhelming majority effects of using Cannabidiol are positive, including anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic and anxiolytic effects.

Will it get me high like Marijuana?

CBD Oil is one of many compounds found in the resin of the Marijuana plant. However, when the Oil is extracted in the lab, the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, isn't present. This means that ingesting or vaping CBD Oil cannot get the user 'high' like Marijuana would.

Cannabidiol is linked with antipsychotic and anti-inflammatory effects. It can also reduce vomiting, nausea and anxiety and potentially combat cancerous cells.

Despite all of these benefits, there have been some concerns around the safety of Cannabidiol because of misunderstandings about THC.

THC is a different compound contained in the cannabis plant which has psychotropic properties and which is known to cause elation, sedation, relaxation, and even hallucinations.

When people use marijuana for recreational purposes they choose strains of the plant that are high in THC, however CBD oil is produced from a different strain of the plant which is higher in CBD, so users can rest assured that the process involved in extracting the CBD oil results in a product that only has minuscule levels of THC that can have no harmful effect on the body.

Is it addictive?

CBD oil is not addictive and will not get you high. Hemp oil and CBD have none of the psychoactive components that characterize marijuana. It actually has an anti-psychotic effect meaning that it can be used in the treatment of patients with schizophrenia.

What is the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes from extracting CBD from the hemp plant's buds, stalks, and leaves. It is high in CBD and can be used for health purposes. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is only made from the plant's seeds. It has nutritional value thanks to its high level of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. However, since the seeds contain very little CBD, hemp oil does not offer the same wellness benefits as CBD oil.

Will it make me sleepy?

CBD oil has been acknowledged as having a stress-relieving and relaxing effect. Therefore, it may help promote sleep. However, each individual is very different therefore it may or may not have that effect on you.

Is CBD Oil safe?

You can rest assured that CBD-ENTOURAGE™ oil is known to be a safe product. However, you need to check other product you buy to ensure that it is made by a reliable manufacturer using a safe process of extraction and mixing.

How does CBD Vape Juice work?

Inside the human body, we have an endocannabinoid system. This natural bodily system maintains balance throughout the body. Part of our endocannabinoid system are the CB1 and CB2 receptors which are spread through the body, with the CB1 receptors primarily being found in the peripheral and central nervous system and the CB2 receptors being found in the immune system, gastrointestinal system and brain. CBD can bind with these receptors to create effects and changes within the body.

How is CBD Vape Liquid made?

Typically, CBD oil is produced by combining the CBD extract with an oil or carrier fluid. CBD may either be extracted with chemical solvents or by using CO2.

Both methods make a CBD oil which can then be mixed with fluids such as vegetable glycerin (VG) coconut oil, olive oil or MCT oil which allow it to be delivered effectively to your body.

Where to find the best CBD Vape oil?

These days, there are lots of options when it comes to places to buy CBD vape oil. You can find it in high street shops and online.

There are so many new products and brands appearing that it can be difficult to determine which ones are safe and reliable.

That's why it's always important to do your research properly to make sure the product you've chosen is safe and trustworthy.

The brand that we have recommended here is guaranteed to be safe. Products have been independently lab tested for contaminants and to ensure that the level of CBD which has been stated is genuine.

You should never choose a brand without published results since they could have used poor manufacturing conditions or harmful substances.


Please note this information should not be construed in any way to mean that anyone is making a claim that CBD cures any of these conditions. Neither does this CBD Oil review article intend to infer or suggest that the ingestion of or inhalation of CBD is guaranteed to alleviate or eradicate any of the conditions or symptoms associated with any of the named conditions. This information is included here merely to inform the would-be user of the scope of medical trials and research being conducted on this subject.


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